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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden 152: Garlic cares, seed experiments and the first signs of life.

After more than a week of rain it feels good to get back out into the garden……..and it feels really good to see the first signs of new life and feel the sun on my cheeks. I finally mulch the garlic and give it a top dressing of fertilizer.

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A postcard from……London: St James’s.

In this first of a new series of videos that I plan to make I bring you along with me during a day in the centre of London. I visit the area called St James’s, have a look at some palaces and other local buildings and then take the ‘tube’ to the other side of town to visit one of my favourite bookshops.

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Thoughts on……Month 21: Sometimes it is all about the money.

It hasn’t been the easiest month because of a few financial hiccups along the way……but I’m coming out the other end smiling. I wish money didn’t have to matter but, of course, it does so we just have to make the best of the situation and do what we can with what we’ve got. January is nearly behind us now…..and spring is just around the corner.