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In the Kitchen: Borscht (beetroot soup)

Soup season is upon us again and this is a lovely one to kick off with…….the beetroot are at their best just now and take center stage in this simple but oh, so tasty soup.

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden 119: Helping my mum in her new garden.

My mum recently moved house and has a garden again (instead of a tiny yard) after 20 years so I was really happy to go and visit with her to give her a hand. The garden didn’t have a single plant in it three months ago…..I’m amazed by how much she has managed to get going in such a short space of time. Planning the vegetable garden is so much fun.

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Thoughts on……Month 16: Positive breeds positive.

I am so happy to end this month on a much more positive note than last month. It takes a bit of work and self-discipline initially but getting into a positive frame of mind really is possible with just a few tweaks here and there……..and then the positivity gathers momentum…..

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden 118: Brassica nets and vegetable dyes.

Why is it always windy when I’m trying to put up nets? Hahahaha – I could really have done with a second pair of hands. Today was a bit of a go slow as I feel a little under the weather……a day for just a little gardening and  and rather more time talking to friends…..and learning a bit about vegetable dyes.