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On the Sofa (with books): Tibet & The Lake District.

Today’s books are ‘A Mountain in Tibet’ by Colin Thubron and James Rebanks’ first book ‘The Shepherd’s Life’. Plus chat on the thoughts both books prompt in me.

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On the Sofa: Reviewing the Polti Iron (plus: how to spot a shocking liar!).

It’s another rainy day (surprise, surprise!) so I am staying indoors and getting on with preparing some vintage linens for my shop. They’ve been soaked and washed and are now ready to be pressed using my new Polti steam iron so it’s the perfect opportunity to review it. While I press I’m chatting about some recent documentaries I have watched with a bit of a theme…liars! As consumers of social media (for example) how can we spot a shocking liar?

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden: Winter Cover, Rotten Squash & Tidy Up

Finally there is a let up in the rain so I can get back to the garden and start the tidy up and cover up for winter. Today I’m chatting about different methods of protecting the soil over winter, storing equipment, finding the perfect varieties of veg for your garden and more while I get on with some of the jobs. The forecast says it will be dry all day……’s hoping!

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In the Kitchen: Chard Soup (Northern European).

I’m in the kitchen this evening cooking up a lovely winter warmer: chard soup. This is my Northern European take on it using butter and cream (I use coconut milk instead of cream). In the coming days I’ll also bring you my Southern European version (think Mediterranean ingredients). Chard is a wonderful, hardy veg which I use as a cut-and-come-again veg right through winter.