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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden: Crop ‘n’ Drop. Winter bed prep.

It’s the time of year when beds become empty and need tucking up for winter……and a few beds are emptied of one crop and prepped for another. It’s winter bed prep time. Here I talk about how I prep my beds for a follow on crop and how I prepare them for the winter if they are going to be fallow by using my crop ‘n’ drop technique.

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden: The Squash Harvest 2021!

Hurray for my favourite day of the year! I know it’s a favourite for some of you too…..the squash harvest! It doesn’t matter how many times I do it…I love it. All the colours and shapes and sizes and textures……these truly are a beautiful harvest to gather. They are a real staple for me too, as a self-reliant person……they will store for ages with no fuss, they’re versatile…..and they’re yumlicious to scoff.

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden: Potato harvest & tools.

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Yippee! It’s time to make like a pirate and dig up buried treasure! It’s one of my favourite harvests each year….I never know what I’ll get…..but I blooming love going down there to get it! I also have a wee chat about tools and general garden kit…….prompted by a bit of a fail in the garden recently…….which landed me on my back!

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Thoughts on…..Month 53: Advice – eek, a whole can of worms!

Oops, my ‘thoughts on’ for the end of September seem to be following a pattern…..I’m late! Today I’ll be reflecting on how my life is going without a wage and with trying to grow most of my own food…but…also….before that, I’m musing on the subject of advice… has come up quite a few times this month so I thought I’d reflect on it here. Advice, whether receiving or giving can be a whole can of worms! I am sure it is a subject that most folk will have feelings about…..and we can share them here.

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden: Chickpeas & Beans – harvesting, storing, protein etc.

Dashing between more rain showers……today is all abut harvesting the chickpeas and saving some of the dried beans. The weather doesn’t play ball so there’s some shed chat time all about chickpeas and why they are such a great addition to the kitchen garden. I’m chatting all things, sowing, growing, harvesting, processing and storing them (both dry and demi sec)…..all the principals apply to beans too….plus a bit of chat about vegetable protein sources.