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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden: Autumn arrived!

I haven’t been able to get to the garden for the last ten days….the last time I was here the sun was blazing, the sky was blue, the temperature was nudging 30 degrees c….. Today is a different story; after two days of heavy lashing rain it definitely feels like autumn has arrived and time is fast running out for the garden. I need to have a good look around and decide on the priority jobs to hurry up with.

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden: Harvesting & a bonus crop.

It’s the time of year when harvesting needs to happen almost everyday…….in order to keep on top of the kitchen time needed to store all this lovely food. It’s also the time when the garden is fading quickly and foliage is dying back……it feels a little sad but the dying foliage can reveal hidden treasures….as it did for me today…and a lovely little bonus crop it is too. The garden fades but the colour of the harvest glows!

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On the Sofa: Relax!

Chatting and chilling. Today it’s all about relaxing…..I’ll be talking about some bath products, some journals/magazines and a book review….yes, it’s all about slowing down for a few moments to enjoy some of the more simple pleasures. Perfect for the weekend!

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden: Lavender harvesting.

It’s hard to believe it’s September with temperatures above 30! It’s a scorching day so I need to go slowly………the perfect day for harvesting flowers; in this case the Lavender. As I get stuck in to harvesting I also spot a few jobs in the herb bed that I need to tackle. Pour yourself a glass of something cold and join me in the herb bed.

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On the Sofa: Celebrating.

Today I’m on the sofa again….except I’ve swapped the sofa for my shed…..and I’m having a little celebration. I’m celebrating the garden, celebrating taking some time out…..and celebrating my Sister’s visit during which we went ‘out out’ (!) to the theatre and I can’t wait to tell you all about it. Grab yourself a glass of something and come say ‘cheers!’ with me.

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden: September Garden Tour (’21).

It’s only a couple of weeks since I showed you (very late) the garden in August. In that time there have been quite a few jobs done to get my garden back on track…..and tamed a bit. I hope you can see the difference as the garden heads into autumn…….ahh, mellow colours and ripening produce…..September is a wonderful month when the rewards start to come.