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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden: Harvesting & a bonus crop.

It’s the time of year when harvesting needs to happen almost everyday…….in order to keep on top of the kitchen time needed to store all this lovely food. It’s also the time when the garden is fading quickly and foliage is dying back……it feels a little sad but the dying foliage can reveal hidden treasures….as it did for me today…and a lovely little bonus crop it is too. The garden fades but the colour of the harvest glows!

3 thoughts on “Vivi’s Kitchen Garden: Harvesting & a bonus crop.

  1. Hi Vivi, Could you advise me where I can buy gigantic bean seeds please.Would like to give them a go next season. Thanks x

    1. I’m not entirely sure as mine were given to me a few years ago and have saved my own since then…….maybe ‘Real Seeds’ do them?

      1. Will give ‘Real Seeds a try.Thanksx

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