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In the Kitchen: Chatting & pickling; Nasturtium seed ‘capers’.

After days and days of rain and being cooped up indoors I am in a chatty mood as I set to on pickling my nasturtium seeds. They make a great substitute for shop bought capers…..and taste gorgeous on a pizza!

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In the Kitchen: Kale, rice & nuts pie (or Wellington).

A gorgeous, hearty pie for a chilly winter’s day. You will need (all measures approximate – jiggle them to your liking): rice – 2 cups, mushrooms – 2 cups, nuts – 2 cups, stock – 1 litre, onions x 2, peppers x 2, garlic cloves x 2, kale – a big handful (about 200 grams)…….seasonings of choice – I used juice of half a lemon, dill, nutmeg and thyme. Enough pastry for your pie dish. Makes enough for two pies… for now and one for the freezer.

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In the Kitchen: Fennel root soup experiment – free food!

I was recently informed that fennel roots are edible so I obviously had to try them out. I’ve never experimented with a recipe on camera before (normally I try experimenting a few times without the camera rolling to get it just right)…… this is a first……’s worth watching to the end. Was it gorgeous or did I spit it out? I was shocked.


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In the Kitchen: Butternut squash & sage risotto.

When you wake up on a chilly morning feeling a bit below par it’s time to make comfort food. Today it’s squash risotto…….ooooh, it is creamy loveliness in a bowl and makes me feel better in an instant. You will need: 1 squash (about 500g or more), 1 large white onion, a few cloves of garlic (to taste), a few sage leaves, 1 cup of risotto rice and one liter of vegetable stock. Have fun and enjoy the scoff.

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In the Kitchen: Courgette Soup (with potatoes and cheese)

With courgettes being harvested quicker than they can be eaten it’s time to turn them into something to store for later. This soup is so quick and easy to make (without the cheese for a budget version or for vegans), it tastes gorgeous; rich and creamy and it freezes really well to make a lovely lunch time meal in the depths of winter.

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In the Kitchen: Squash and Chickpea Curry.

Before the summer garden really starts producing I am still relying on stored produce from last year for the bulk of my meals. This is one of my favourites……so quick and easy to make and oh, so satisfying and tasty……it’s hard to believe that the main ingredients were harvested nearly 10 months ago as they still taste so great. I shall be making up a huge batch of this to feed to friends coming to my flat to watch the final of the football world cup. 🙂