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TIY: Make your own fabric softener and a toilet cleaner.

For a few pence and a little bit of time (on a grey day) it is so easy to make one’s own cleaning products…….and by making them ourselves we can massively reduce our consumption of plastic. Today it’s fabric softener and loo cleaners.

For the loo cleaner (bog bombs!) I used 4 cups of baking soda, 2/3rds of a cup of citric acid, 40 drops of essential oil and 4 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide – halve the amounts for a smaller batch if you prefer.


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Fabric Conditioner

This year I have been trying to cut down on my consumption of plastic. One of the first places I looked to do this was my ‘under-the-sink’ cupboard… wasn’t overly full of bottles and products but was definitely an area I could improve on in my little green battle… wasn’t just about the plastic (though that was the primary concern) but also the amount of ingredients in all those bottles……I have a science degree but didn’t understand half of what the labels were saying.cropped-Fab-cond-002-1024x682

Making my own fabric conditioner could not have been easier (or cheaper!). It’s too simple for words……just a bottle of distilled vinegar (the white/clear stuff) plus 50ish drops of essential oils (I used 25 of bergamot and 25 of lavender). I liked the idea that I could have my own ‘product’ with, basically, a couple of ingredients and very little waste. The bottle is the original bottle the vinegar came in (label soaked off and my own label pasted on) and the essential oils come in glass bottles which I can recycle. The vinegar is great for keeping your washing machine tubes/parts in good order as it cuts through all the soap scum and helps keep that ‘funky’ smell at bay. My clothes come out squeaky clean and fresh…….and, no, they don’t smell like a chip shop! Give it a good shake before you pour it into your normal conditioner dispenser drawer. Trust me, it works…..and costs about 60p!