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Thoughts on…..Month 62: Staying flexible.

Another month has flown by in a whirl of Covid and gardening. It may not have been the best month but there are still valuable lessons to take from it……especially about staying flexible with my plans and expectations.

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden: Garden Rescue – Squash.

Today it’s all about the squash. It’s a bit of a long one because I experience a bit of a mental block and struggle to work out how to proceed…..bear with me…I chat through how I get over it and what I do to move forward…….and I do manage to get the planting done. Another step forward in rescuing the garden this year.

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden: Garden Rescue – Beans.

It’s day one of the garden rescue! I’m calling it that because I have been so far behind all year, with so many absences from the garden, so many seedlings destroyed by slugs… now it’s time to rescue the situation and make whatever garden I can this year. Today I am starting with the beans…..I need to prepare a couple of beds for them, build their climbing frames and plant out whichever plants survived the slugs…..and then a whole lot of reseeding!

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Beyond Frugal: How do I make ends meet?

A few weeks ago I was asked a couple of questions by our lovely Ant….he asked: “How do you make ends meet?” and “How do you keep your bills so low?”. Great questions which I’ll try to answer today (as a break from digging!)………I go on a bit of a memory trip back to my childhood where it all began.

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden: June Garden Tour (’22)

I’m a couple of weeks late bringing you the June Garden Tour……and, aherm, slightly more than two weeks late with all the jobs! Brace yourselves. I’ve attached the two previous year’s June tours for anyone who is interested in seeing the contrast.

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On the Sofa: Catch-up during Covid.

This year is turning into a bit of a turkey! Hahaha…..just when I was trying to get the garden finished I came down with Covid. Here I’m having a bit of a chat and a catch-up and talking through some changes of plan to accommodate this latest glitch.

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On the Sofa: Podding & Chatting.

I’m delighted with the first bit of my broad bean harvest and now it’s time to get the precious beans podded and frozen pronto. Podding ought to be done around the kitchen table with friends and lots of chat…..but in the absence of that I’m doing it with you and chatting as we go. Come and pod with me……or get the knitting out…….or fold the laundry…..

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden: The First Harvests.

Yay! Finally the moment has come to do the first harvests. One of them is a little overdue and I have concerns for it that I may be a bit too late……….there’s only one way to find out. Today it’s all about the broad beans and garlic and a chat about storing the produce.