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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden 206: After the rain…

Following a week of scorching temperatures we finally had 24 hours of rain and a break from the hot, stale air…..the kitchen garden has had a bit of a growth spurt which means the vining beds need some attention….and the first harvest.

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden 205: High summer in the kitchen garden.

It’s the middle of summer and temperatures are soaring… I take to the garden early in the day to give all my precious plants a drink and do a few odd jobs before it gets too hot. The quality of light is beautiful…..the heat slows me right down…….it’s the perfect time to simply look and enjoy…..

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden 203: Answering your questions – part one (and outtakes).

It’s a long one so grab a cup of tea and get yourself comfortable. I visit with Richard & Paul to film answers to some of your questions…….we had so many great questions we had to make a second part which will be on R&P’s channel in a couple of days. They are such easy, wonderful company……but sometimes that makes it hard to film… there are a few outtakes added at the end!

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden 202: Climbing squash, climbing beans, climbing tomatoes – they’re all starting to climb.

After a week away from the garden there are some good displays of growth…..which means lots of little jobs to get on with including training and tying in. Lovely, gentle summer jobs.

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