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Thoughts on……Month 37: Learning to ask for & accept help.

It has been a bit of a roller-coaster month but I’m glad to say it is ending well. I take a little time out of my day to mull over the lessons learned….

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden 267: What a difference a week makes!

A week and a couple of days ago I received my compost….at last! I made the decision to put everything else on hold and try my hardest to turn things around in the garden……and make the garden happen this year. Here’s a quick update on how things are progressing…..I hope you will be as excited as me.

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Thoughts on……navigating obstacles & finding a new way forward.

Some days are tougher than others….some seasons in the garden do not go as planned…..I am learning to say that it’s OK. There’s no doubt that most of us are facing challenges at this time……and being human means an occasional meltdown…….that’s also OK. But after the meltdown we need to put our big girl pants on and find a way through it all. This is a long one (please DO NOT watch if you are a thumbs downer!!)……..I’m chatting my way out of a difficult situation.

For anyone needing extra help with their emotions today, or any other day, please call The Samaritans:

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden: May Garden Tour (2020).

A little late…..but here is the garden at the beginning(ish) of May. It is definitely not up to my previous standards and my previous schedule….but it will have to do……I’m very disappointed BUT…..there are some lovely things to enjoy and celebrate when I look beyond the mess and all the outstanding jobs.

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden 263: Carrots, leeks and spring onions & a word on netting.

I’m still playing catch up in the garden with my prep and my sowings……fortunately it isn’t too late to be doing these jobs. Today I’m sowing carrots, leeks and spring onions as companion plants….and having a bit of fun in the process……my own little tribute to all the fabulous work that our NHS does day in day out. I also have a chat about netting and wildlife.