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Thoughts on……Month 24: Two Years!

Today as I sit down to reflect on the last month I realise it’s actually a bit bigger than just the last month……I’ve been at this lark, this living without a wage thing for a full two years now……I could never have predicted this! It has been a time full of joy and some moments of doubt and fear… has been the biggest challenge of my life…..yet also, in some ways, the easiest thing ever……and now I start to look forward and imagine the next few years…..

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden 168: Sowing brassicas & flowers.

Before some of the summer crops have even been sown I’m turning my attention to my next winter garden and getting brassicas sown……and then a few flowers for a pop of colour this summer. I’m giving a bit of attention to my perennial kale (Taunton Deane) but not sure if I’m doing the right thing as I have never grown one before……