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Thoughts on……Month 24: Two Years!

Today as I sit down to reflect on the last month I realise it’s actually a bit bigger than just the last month……I’ve been at this lark, this living without a wage thing for a full two years now……I could never have predicted this! It has been a time full of joy and some moments of doubt and fear… has been the biggest challenge of my life…..yet also, in some ways, the easiest thing ever……and now I start to look forward and imagine the next few years…..

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on……Month 24: Two Years!

  1. Dear Vivi,

    Congratulations on your second anniversary. You are one very courageous lady. Kind, sensitive and strong but most of all Courageous with a capital c! And I can only wish for you decades more of this wonderful life in creation. Why do I think you are courageous?
    For many years you are already fighting against society’s threadmill more is better. You did your absolute best to fight off the marketing campaigns and kept on saving your hard-earned pennies. Being debt-free at such a young age and having your own appartment that is an archievement!
    You rally for community which isn’t that easy because our sense of community is under pressure in our society. (Companies don’t make money when people are willing to help each other)
    And your willingness to do things differently. Growing all your own food by yourself for a whole year while living in London, it’s amazing!!!!!!!

    So thank you for sharing your story, thank you for sharing your knowledge and thank you for giving us a taste of what is possible, Vivi. I hope you will find a partner, romantically or not, so the two of you can support each other and I do hope that in the very near future you will find a couple of pounds to go to the pub with your friends. Simply because it is important.

    Kind regards,
    Elizabeth who keeps on following you!

    1. Thank you so much Elizabeth for your kind and encouraging words. They mean so much to me! Here’s to another couple of years……at least! 😀

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