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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden 92: Water Butt and hanging out with Graham.

Some jobs are easier with two pairs of hands……….if the second pair of hands belong to your best mate even better. Hanging out with Graham there’s always plenty of banter and laughter…….the jobs get done and it doesn’t feel like work at all. I’m delighted to have my first water butt installed (I plan to have many more when finances allow) – harvesting rain water should be a priority for us all……… should laughing and spending time with good friends.SAM_1956

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden 91: Hard work! Preparing the ‘experiment’ bed.

There’s no two ways about it……sometimes having a veggie garden is sheer hard work. My clay soil has baked hard in the sun but I’m excited to get on with preparing bed number 3 and doing things differently this year……and making space for the grapevine and more new veggies for the fence area. All morning the bees buzzed happily in the kale flowers and darted in and out of their ‘hotels’…..

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden 90: Responsible foraging, sowing carrots and basking in sunshine.

Our mini-heatwave continues so I’m using whatever I can lay my hands on to act as a mulch – today it is nettles……..but I am mindful of the life cycles of the butterflies who use nettles as a crucial habitat and food source……and I get my first direct sown seeds in despite the ground being baked hard – hurrah for carrots! Then……a bit of time out to simply enjoy the sunshine, the quiet and the beauty of Mother Nature waking up…..