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A postcard from…..Dorset (part 1).

Yay! My longed for trip to Dorset is happening. Today it’s all about getting there….the first glimpse of the sea…..and exploring my digs. Welcome to a few days in beautiful Swanage on the south coast of Dorset.

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Beyond Frugal: Have I got enough food?

On this year’s hottest day I’m doing a stock-take of my food; both stored (frozen and in the cupboard) and fresh to come from the garden. I’ve grown a little less this year so I want to see where I’m at and see if I have enough to get me through to next Spring.

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On the Sofa: Camping, Countryside & Dorset Trip.

Today I’m all about camping, the countryside and planning my trip to Dorset. A letter I received prompted memories of camping and running wild in the woods….it coincided with watching a series of programmes about the British landscape and its influence on artists, writers and composers… all seems rather perfect in my run up to planning a trip back to Dorset…..and possibly a bit of house hunting…..

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On the Sofa: A spanner, a moan and a book.

Today I needed to find my spanner……which sparked memories of the game of Rattlebag. Spanner located, yay, in readiness for fixing the new bath taps which have just arrived……and then I have a bit of a moan about a recent customer service experience – grr! Plus a book review and it’s an absolute corker.