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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden 101: Planting the vine bed. Tomatoes, squash, cucumbers and peppers.

On another scorching day I make a start on planting up the vine bed. Donated ‘spares’ of tomatoes have saved the day plus the squash, cuces and peppers which were all started indoors weeks ago……….it finally feels like the garden is taking shape. A huge thank you to all my plot friends who gave me their spare tomato plants – the girls came good!


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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden 100: The first harvest, the cucumber frame and buried treasure!

The first harvest is in! It’s always such an exciting time to lift the first harvest of the new season……today it was the garlic and boy-oh-boy did it smell good as I was lifting it. It was also a day for getting the last structure up and a final bit of bed prep……..and my fork prong found some buried treasure…..