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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden 106: Planting the Coco de Paimpol and thoughts on watering.

As soon as one crop finishes I can make space to put another one in…….today it was time to get the gorgeous Coco de Paimpol beans planted out. They are one of the harvests I most look forward to each year so it feels great to get them in the soil…..even on a scorching hot day………watering is beginning to take up the majority of the time spent in the garden……

June - cocobed4

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden 104: Stuff it! Chuck it all in the ground and see what happens….

After so many fails this year already I decided it was time to get on with things other than the garden so I’m spending a few days chucking seed and plants into the soil and letting them decide whether or not they want to grow. At this stage I feel like there’s nothing to lose……and possibly a few veg to gain…….and I am simply enjoying the garden again for the peace and tranquility rather than worrying about the food…..May - shoesoff

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden: June Garden Tour (2018)

June is suddenly here……….the garden is still a little behind compared with previous years but it is finally starting to grow a little. Despite all the recent failures I feel optimistic about the plants the are growing……and loving every minute I get to spend in my special place. I always have a little cat shaped shadow as I potter about amongst the green stuff……..