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Thoughts on……Month 41: Embracing change.

It’s the end of month 41 and I’m a bit taken aback by how long it has been now. There have been many changes in my life in the last 20 years……but some of the biggest ones have come in the last 5. I have always been afraid of change……or so I thought.

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September Time Out: Day 23: Postbag & discount offer!

I woke feeling a little flat today……and then my lovely postman buzzed me to say he had some parcels for me. Ooooh, what fun. One of them came with a lovely surprize for me to pass on to you all….. a discount code for Rachel’s lovely soaps and balms. What a wonderful start to my day.

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September Time Out: Day 21: ‘Bubbles’, beetles & books.

Mondays are always my bonkers running about all over the community days……I love them! Today is no exception……it’s always a mixed bag and I never know quite what to expect or what I might discover along the way. I had a brief stop at home during the middle of it all so thought I’d grab the chance to have a quick catch up with you all.