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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden 296: Biodiversity, chickpeas & lavender.

As we get to the tail end of the summer season there are lots of things to be harvested… of the harvests I am going to do is a little earlier than in previous years in the hopes that I can beat the mice to them….the chickpeas!

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden 295: Onion harvest & winter prep.

I am very late harvesting my onions this year but as we have been so dry for so long they should be alright. Once they’re out of the ground I will have two beds free to plant up with more veggies for the winter, in this case it will be more brassicas. I also need to check on the brassicas planted earlier in the year.

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden 294: Mowing, strimming & trimming (& wildlife).

I have grass paths in my garden…..I keep them tidy with a bit of strimming and a bit of trimming. Last month I ran out of strimmer cord so today I am replacing it. I reflect a little on why I prefer to keep grass paths and how/when I maintain them to make me happy with a tidy garden but also with keeping a mind on the wildlife. Grass paths rock for wildlife!!!