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In the Kitchen: Beet Burgers (but first I need to go shopping).

I’ve been enjoying my beetroots again this season by using them to make ‘burgers’ and today I’ll show you how. But…..first…I need to go ‘shopping’…in the garden. I hope you’ll come and join me at my favourite ‘supermarket’ otherwise the recipe kicks in at 16 minutes. Enjoy the outtake that I left in towards the end!

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden: Beans & Chat.

It has been an incredibly wet month so days in the garden have been few and far between…….and this job is rather late: gathering the last of my bean harvest then chopping and dropping the remaining plant material. While I’m at it I reflect on this gardening year and invite you to reflect on yours….and for us all to ask ourselves is there something we could have done differently, something we could have done better? Join me for a chat while I chop.

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On the Sofa: A Day in the Life of a Frugal Girl – part two.

We’re due to have a rainy day so I’m getting on with things indoors…and carrying on from part one: a story, a pest problem, a curtain fix, how I upload shop stock and how I release videos…plus plenty of the usual chat….and then some quiet, gentle jobs for the end of the day. Come and hang out with me for the day.

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Beyond Frugal: Bills Review & Self-Insurance.

When I set myself the challenge (and you too!) of having a no or low spend year I had no idea how things were going to develop this year in terms of this cost of living crisis….I am so glad I have been beyond frugal this year as it means I should be able to cope with this current situation. It seems like a good time to review how things have gone so far and double check that my bills and budget are as healthy as possible…..and that I’m making the most of the small amount of money I have in terms of savings and interest rates. I will also be talking about self-insurance as I had a rather massive and unexpected bill to pay…..

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On the Sofa: Making Gifts.

I have a few ‘thank yous’ to give….and a few friends with babies on the way so today I am spending some quiet time making gifts. I’ll be in the kitchen and on the sewing machine stirring and stitching love into everything. Oh, and for clarity, as I kept saying the wrong cup size in the video, the ingredients for the balm are: 1/2 cup of Calendula oil, 1/4 cup of beeswax and 1/4 cup of coconut oil…..yields approximately 250 mls of balm.