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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden 298: Leeks, Cavolo Nero & ‘Crop and Drop’.

On another beautiful autumn day I carry on the jobs of getting ready for winter…..plants coming out, new plants going in……where beds will be in action over the winter I need to protect the soil from the weather with as thick a mulch as possible……I can achieve this in part using the ‘crop and drop’ technique.

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden 294: Mowing, strimming & trimming (& wildlife).

I have grass paths in my garden…..I keep them tidy with a bit of strimming and a bit of trimming. Last month I ran out of strimmer cord so today I am replacing it. I reflect a little on why I prefer to keep grass paths and how/when I maintain them to make me happy with a tidy garden but also with keeping a mind on the wildlife. Grass paths rock for wildlife!!!