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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden: Couve Tronchude (Portuguese Cabbage) + to chit or not to chit.

After a few weeks of bad weather it’s time to get back to the garden. So many lovely friends to see and catch up with…..and between times I deal with my delivery of seed potatoes ( to chit or not to chit!) and some lovely cuttings from my friend Paul….including two of his Portuguese Cabbage (also known as Portuguese kale or Couve Tronchuda). I’m particularly excited about these as I’ve never eaten them before and they will form the ‘backbone’ of a dish called Caldo Verde……a favourite soup of Portugal. You may also know this plant if you’re a fan of the TV series ‘A Victorian Kitchen Garden’. I can’t wait. Oh! And I nearly forgot…….news on the extra water tank…….