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On the sofa: Sleeping tip & chocolate.

Grab yourself a cuppa and a comfy spot and let’s have a natter. Today’s random subjects include a chocolate review, a tip for help with getting to sleep….and mice!

4 thoughts on “On the sofa: Sleeping tip & chocolate.

  1. Maybe a little mouse house for your new companion.

    1. Hahaha….hopefully she won’t be staying that long! 😉

  2. Hello! I just watched your frugal budget video on YouTube. How brave you are! I think what you’re doing is great, if you can manage it. I’m have been disabled for 10 years with three types of arthritis, and need two replacement knees, a hip & two spine fusions. I was a nurse since I was 20, working in burn & trauma units. I’m fortunate that in the US we have a social security disability payment. Its not a huge amount, but covers my bills and a bit for food. However, I made major changes in my life to decrease my cost of living. I moved to a small town, bought a small cottage, sold my fancy car, bought a older reliable van. I drive very little, the shops are close by, etc…. I have an etsy shop where I sold baby quilts I made & other baby items that would be heirloom items, would make nice gifts, etc. I had a few years where I was in bed, with so much pain, unable to walk. My meds are changed and Im feeling up to sewing again. Its nice to be productive a bit, even if its hand sewing in a chair! Do you ever come across antique fabrics or sewing items? Those would sell well I think. Hopefully you will be able to get out soon to sales & such. Plus Spring can’t be far off ! Hugs*** Holly

    1. Thank you Holly. I’m so glad to hear you are managing….even if it’s rather tight financially! Yes, I do use antique and vintage linens in my makes…….though they’re hard to find while we are still in lockdown…..but I’ve got a good stash to work with. I just need to find the time to do it all! 😉

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