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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden: Peppers & Potatoes.

Hurrah for some more seed sowing……it’s still really early in the growing year but at least I can start my peppers (and chillies and aubergines if you are growing them). They need a bit of warmth at the moment so I’ll show you my propagators. I also take delivery of my seed potatoes and describe, briefly, what to do with them now, before planting time. The peppers I have sown are all sweet types from my own saved seed and are all suitable for growing outdoors with no extra protection: Orange Bell, Feher Ozon and Doux Longe des Landes.

2 thoughts on “Vivi’s Kitchen Garden: Peppers & Potatoes.

  1. Heehee I watched this and got all excited to plant my peppers! Then discovered I used them all up last year…! Ah well, managed to pop some beans in and some sweet peas. I love your videos, looking forward to following this year… Spring is springing!

    1. Oh what a pity to find your pepper seeds all gone. Fingers crossed for the beans and sweet peas. 🙂

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