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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden 232: The big Autumn (Fall) clean up begins (finally!).

The big Autumn clean up aught to have started at the beginning of October…..but with so few dry days the days that I did have in the garden were all about harvesting and planting….. Now, finally, at the beginning of November there are a few clear days in which to start catching up on the jobs….

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden 229: Autumn (Fall) sown broad beans.

After many more rain days we finally get a break in the weather…and what a beautiful break it is. All the autumn colours in the garden sing in the beautiful light…….and I finally make a start on my last seed sowing of the year. Getting the broad beans in now will give me a head start on harvesting next year…..

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden 228: The potato harvest.

It’s finally time to make like a pirate and go digging for buried treasure – time to harvest the main-crop potatoes. Other plot holders on my site have had very disappointing harvests (lots of damage from slugs and wire-worm) so I’m holding my breath somewhat….

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden 227: The squash harvest of 2019.

After too many days of rain there is finally a break in the weather and an opportunity to race down to the garden to do some harvesting. The squash harvest is always one of my favourite days in the garden year but this year my expectations are low……it hasn’t been the best year for them. Will I get even half of the harvest I had last year?