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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden 219: Stringing onions & evaluating the year so far.

On a beautifully warm, sunny day I get on with the job of stringing up my onions for storing over the winter. As I string them I think about things that have gone well this year and things which have gone poorly…..and think about changes I may make next year.

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden 217: Harvesting Coco de Paimpol & ideas for fallow beds.

It is finally time to harvest the precious Coco de Paimpol… favourite and, now, most treasured bean……they thoroughly deserve the time and attention they will get over the coming days during this very narrow window of harvesting opportunity. As more and more beds are harvested my thoughts turn towards winter and how I will manage my fallow spaces to give me the best start to next year……

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden 214: Timing the bean harvests & a meal made in the shed.

It’s the time of year to start keeping a close eye on all the beans……depending on how you intend to store them will dictate when to begin harvesting. I need to start harvesting the beans which I will freeze as ‘demi-sec’. A long awaited treat is my reward for the day’s work…..I prepare one of my favourite meals in the shed with produce harvested just seconds before…..