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August Time Out: Day 11: Calendula – my skin care.

It has been three weeks since my last Calendula harvest and they don’t look very happy after all this heat and dryness…….so a good harvest today should help them spring back……and ensure I have a good supply for a whole year of skin care. A huge part of my self-reliance and frugal living is ensuring I have a good supply of flowers and herbs for looking after my skin and hair and dealing with minor ailments……so these lovely flowers get as much space as some of my vegetables.

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden 288: Watering & a slower pace.

It has been an incredibly dry year already and now we’re into another heat wave so the garden needs water every day. Here I share some of my watering tips…….but….more than that, I share some slow, quiet time……..the sounds and sight of water……..the morning light……cats washing……join me for some quiet, meditative time as I give some vital water to my lovely plants.

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August Time Out: Day 7: Memories of work (triggered by wearing a mask).

A little moment in a local shop suddenly brings memories flooding back of my days on the ward. They were mostly the best days……but occasionally the worst. I wouldn’t have missed any of them. Please note: I talk about mask wearing in this video but I do NOT want folk to start getting political and debating mask wearing here……..this is not the place….this is a happy moment of remembering my work and the amazing children I got to spend time with.

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August Time Out: Day 3: Breakfast? No thanks.

It’s day 3 of my slightly different month…..and time to think about changing some habits/introducing new ones. Oh….and I haven’t quite got the hang of making short videos yet (!)…..but for the rest of these little videos this month I will aim to keep them around 10 minutes…..if I can stop nattering!