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On the Sofa: Decluttering. Treasure under the bed.

In the final part of decluttering my wardrobe I tackle the really difficult one…..the one that throws up all sorts of tricky emotions…………the trunk under the bed. It offers up so many forgotten treasures…..and a really special item right in the bottom. Then, at the end, the final wardrobe reveal…..

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On the Sofa: Parcels, books, food and more…

I’m taking a few minutes out of my day amongst my piles of stuff everywhere to have a bit of a catch-up with some thank yous for parcels received……plus a couple of new books, daydreams about food, magazine reviews, a couple more books to review……..a recent charity shop purchase…. Haha, yes, it’s a proper mixed bag of a catch-up…….grab yourself a cup of tea!

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On the Sofa: Decluttering the wardrobe – part one.

Continuing with my decluttering I’m moving on to the wardrobe……this might be the hardest one for me. It’s a long one again as I am thinking out loud about why this is hard….then get stuck into the job asking questions as I go which I hope will help prompt any of you tackling a similar job. With some thoughts on upcycling garments which may be beyond repair…

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On the Sofa: Starting to declutter! My hints, tips & thoughts.

Let decluttering commence! This first video about my decluttering/downsizing is a bit long because I spend some time at the beginning talking about the subject in general…and what we might do to help ourselves move forward if we’re a bit stuck with too much ‘stuff’. Then I get stuck into my books and share examples of questions and thought processes which might help you too (I hope!). The next video will be more ‘on my feet’ and a bit shorter…hopefully…as I tackle the first part of the wardrobe. I sincerely hope some of you will find this useful……and start on your own decluttering path….we can do it together!

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On the Sofa: Preparing for a BIG change.

My life has changed so massively in the last five years…..and now my home needs to change too. I have been thinking more, in the last few weeks, about what I need from my new home, about how my new home needs to accommodate this new life I have made for myself. I am excited and daunted in equal measure as I prepare for a big change…..

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Beyond Frugal: Pantry Update – Stored Produce.

Today I am taking stock of what’s in my pantry……what food have I managed to produce and store to live on over the coming months. Hahah – pantry is a bit of a misnomer as I have food stashed all over the place, including my shed, which is where we start today….

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden: New life & old junk.

It has been a couple of weeks since I last managed to get to the garden so I was delighted, on my return, to see signs of new life. It was just a short visit today to make the most of a beautifully bright day….and to begin to do some tidying and tackle some long-overdue jobs using some old junk….

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On the Sofa: Catching up…..

I’ve been a bit AWOL from YouTube for the last week……I’m absolutely fine, I just needed to get on with a lot of boring stuff…but today I’ve got a chance to have a bit of a catch-up with you. I had a glorious day with friends in the flat…..and my ‘new’ old crockery got its first outing…….and I used my tablecloth for the first time in ages! I’ve also been catching up with Kate’s videos and loving thinking about our tools of the trade…….and finally I’m thinking about lovely things to do with vintage linens.