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Sunday on the Sofa (sort of?)…..making lavender bags and catching up.

I mentioned in the last video about needing to take some time out…..and that’s still true….but when I’m sitting down doing this kind of job it’s the perfect opportunity to catch up with you all. I’m filling patchwork bags with lavender……and chatting about what’s going on.

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TIY: Patchwork – English Paper Piecing.

I have very expensive taste in fabric so it makes sense to use every last scrap of it. I love to patch by hand using the English Paper Piecing method, which I show here…..but I don’t mind doing a bit on the machine. I also chat here about my love of fabric and my tip for saving and using the last bit of thread from a bobbin.

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden: February Garden Tour (2020).

February feels like a month of lull…….the old garden is dying (or being scoffed by me!) and the ground work is being laid for the new garden……..the days are getting longer and slightly warmer……we’re right on the cusp of things going mad…….so it’s time to make the most of the hush and enjoy what we have right now before it all kicks off again.

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Thoughts on……Month 33: Decision Fatigue.

It has certainly been a tricky month….I think the hardest I’ve had since going it alone. Early in the month I read about Decision Fatigue…..I read some more and so much of it resonated with me….and may have given me some clues about how to handle things a bit more easily in future.