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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden: Take heart – one week later!

It was a week ago that I shared my May garden tour with you and I was feeling a little behind and somewhat daunted by the all work that needed doing. I know some of you were too so here’s a quick look at the garden one week later…..please take heart from it…..we CAN do it! Also, my rationale for moving the paths over by just a few centimetres….

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On the Sofa: Postbag & house move chat.

Grab yourself a cup of tea…it’s a chatty one while I take a bit of time out from a very hectic week. I have many beautiful things to say thank you for……and a bit of a chat about my excitement for moving house and what I’m looking for in my next property.

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden: Seedling exodus & flower power.

The great seedling exodus of 2021 has started! Every trip to the garden now means carrying a load of seedlings…’s exciting to see the cold frame starting to fill up. While I’m here today I also take some time to plant out some flowers from cuttings and corms: Crocosmia, Honeysuckle, a rambling Rose, Sweet Peas….and give the herb bed a bit of love too.

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden: May Garden Tour (’21).

Yikes! The months are whizzing by and suddenly we’re in May….the mad month of May if you grow your own veggies. May is the month when it all happens…..there is much to do in the garden, more seeds to sow, more transplants to harden off…join me for a walk around the garden to assess where it’s at and what needs doing.

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden: Carrots, Parsnips, Leeks & bees.

On another stunningly gorgeous day in late Spring I carry on catching up with my garden and my sowings. Today it’s all about the carrots (Autumn King), the Leeks (Mussleburgh), the Parsnips (Tender and True) and my ‘gold’ crop….Calendula. I am kept company all morning by garden friends, birds and bees…..please come and join us.

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On the Sofa: Yes, I’m moving soon(ish)

In my last couple of videos I’ve briefly referred to moving home. Yes, I am going to move……I can’t do all the stairs at the Cottage in the Sky much longer….there are days when all the stairs put me off leaving my home and that’s not good…I’m being practical, sensible….future proofing myself. It will be so hard to leave this place….but I am looking forward and beginning to get rather excited.