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On the Sofa: Tales from the Village – part one.

I’m taking a breather from the garden. Grab a cuppa and join me for a natter as I recall some of the moments from my ‘village’ recently…….I digress slightly and end up talking about ice-skating and memories of my acting days and pantomime!

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden: Cats, compost, tables and slugs.

It’s a bit of a long one today as I carry on in the garden with my seed sowing prep. The chat is on all sorts of subjects….the garden cats, compost and modules, my potting table and the search for a new one……and a chat about slug deterrents; which ones have worked for me and which ones have been a total fail! Grab a cuppa and sit with me in the lovely afternoon sunshine as we chat all things gardening.

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden: May Garden Tour (’22)

The months are whizzing by! It’s time for another monthly tour of the garden as we head into what will be the busiest time of year……..slowly, slowly, inch by inch it’s getting there. I’ve had a bit of slug damage already this year but today, as I check on my plants I find one of my most loathed pests lurking……

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden: Potatoes, No-Dig, Ruth Stout & me.

Yay….by the skin of my teeth I get my potatoes planted before April is out (April 29th). I have planted my potatoes as late as May 15th and still had a great harvest….but I really wanted to get these in now as they’re one of the first things to go into the ground and symbolise the start of the new season for me……I didn’t want it to drag into another month. Then some shed chat about no-dig plus Ruth Stout’s method and what I am able to do in my garden in the absence of both of those.

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Thoughts on…..Month 60: Five Years! Without a wage.

I can hardly believe that this day has come………month 60 of living without a wage…..a full five years! Today I’m remembering the first year and reflecting on my life has changed and grown over the last five years……and, most importantly, I am raising a glass to all of you to say a HUGE thank you!

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On the Sofa: Postbag chat & hospital results.

After a busy couple of weeks I’m taking a moment to sit and chat. I’ve had some lovely post over the last few weeks which I’d like to share plus other catch-up chat….and I’ve been back to the hospital for some follow up after the horrible lung infection over the winter. Grab a cuppa, put your feet up and join me for a natter.

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden: Seedlings, quantities & timings.

It’s time to get on with some more seed sowing; today it’s tomatoes and Nepeta Cataria (Catnip)….it should also have been squash but they’re delayed by a day. I’m also checking on my sweet pepper seedlings and getting them ready for their next stage. As I tend to these things I chat about planning my timings and quantities etc and the importance of my notebook! Toms and Nepeta sown 18th of April.