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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden 253: Sowing a bit of hope (+tomatoes, celery and the loofah experiment).

YAY!!!! It’s time to start the seed sowing proper for the 2020 self-sufficient garden! It has been an odd year until now and in many ways I feel behind and disconnected…….but the simple act of putting some seeds in the dirt has got me going again. Despite my failures with Loofah (Luffa) over the last couple of years I’m having another go……but with a few changes……. Let’s get those seeds in and dream of summer!

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden 251: What I’m sowing in March & a word about bees.

How is it March already?! I need to get my skates on and start some seeds…….these are the ones that I plan to sow in March. Always, when I am gardening (and in life outside the garden) I am thinking about the environment and wildlife…..this year will be no exception…..I would like to do as much as possible for our pollinators……understanding their lives helps us to understand what we can do for them and in this video I share a few words from a bee expert. It’s all about the pollinators!

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden: March Garden Tour (2020).

After a four week absence and more ‘named storms’ than I can remember it’s time to get back to the kitchen garden…”s a time for assessing what needs doing but also a time for seeing what can be harvested at this late stage in the growing season. One of my all time favourite vegetables is just about to come into it’s own……….stuff the storms…..I’m about to harvest! 😉