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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden: Operation ‘Garden Rescue’ starts now!

It’s time to start rescuing this garden! It’s a green jungle……and I love that…….but there are so many veggies I ought to have picked in the last few weeks…….if I don’t do it now they’ll rot and all the effort will have been for nothing. I also want to encourage my plants to continue producing. Weeding and grass trimming can come later!

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden: The Onion Harvest.

Yay for the first big harvest in – the onions! Today I talk all things onions…..from varieties, seeds vs. sets, soil types, bed prep, on-going care of the onion crop, harvesting, processing ready for storage, storage and storage problems. It’s a proper onion fest today! My varieties this year are Red Baron (the reds!) and Sturon and Cupido (the whites). This is how I grow and store enough onions to keep me going for an entire year.

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden: Argh! The ‘B’ word!

A day when my plans change. It has been a very typical British summer this year (compared with the last two years)…….hot, sunny days for a week or so……followed by cooler days with lots of rain and lingering damp. It ought to be the perfect weather for all of our beans…….but the worst kind of weather for our outdoor grown tomatoes. I have a really close up look at mine today……

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Beyond Frugal! Shopping Haul £7.45 or $10.37

You ask, I deliver! Another shopping video………my shopping changes slightly with the seasons… this is sort of typical for the summer….but there are always a few curve balls to contend with so this week’s shop also involved a visit to my local, independent ironmongers. There was also a larger purchase to make this week which I didn’t have the money for but…..I still got it……through a bit of effort and wiliness and outside-of-the-box thinking!

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In the Kitchen: Meal planning.

At last the Hungry Gap is over! The first fresh food is coming in again from the garden…..small harvests most days. In this video I talk about the Hungry Gap, show what I’m harvesting at the moment and then, back at the kitchen, talk about meal planning and how I’ll use the fresh stuff combined with the last of my stored produce (from the 2020 harvests)…..and a few items I will need to buy. All the recipes are available in the ‘In the Kitchen’ playlist.

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden: Return to the Garden.

After a two and a half week absence I return to the garden….with some trepidation. Two and a half weeks wouldn’t be a problem in winter….but in the height of the growing season it is such a long time. Did my plants survive? Do I have blight? Will the garden be overrun with weeds? Will there be anything to eat yet? Come with me and discover, in real time, the answers….

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Thoughts on…..Month 51. Approaching a crossroads.

Another month whizzes by……..and doesn’t go according to plan. Moments/events this month, and, indeed, this year, give me pause for thought. I consider some changes I may have to make in the future……it does feel like there is something of a crossroads just ahead of me.