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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden 260: Planting potatoes (in the ground and in containers).

Now that the ground is prepared it’s time to plant the potatoes. I have a couple left over so I’m experimenting, this year, with planting them in a grow bag container which means I’m on the hunt for more compost….then I have a brain wave!

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden 256: Seedlings update, compost shortage & a word for beginners.

The seeds I sowed in mid Feb and mid March are romping away….it’s time to see how they’re doing. They need some attention but until I can find some compost they’ll have to wait……but, while we’re here, I natter a bit about some of the terminology relating to seedlings and processes at this time of year for our new friends who are beginners to gardening.

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden 255:The herb bed, quiet time & Poppy returns!

I let the herb garden simply be over winter…….it got straggly and ugly but it was providing habitat for insects and food for all sorts of lovely wee critters. Now that the rest of the garden, and the surroundings, are coming back to life it’s time to get on with some tidying and pruning. I also start the rose ‘tree’ prune and talk about a great mnemonic for doing it……the five ‘D’s.

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Sunday on the sofa…..with books& music.

Ahhhh……..time indoors…..the weather is crud but I can enjoy each day all the same… I am trying to narrow my music collection to my top 10 albums…..and then I think about the next few books…….with all the usual distractions along the way. Grab your knitting and come sit with me.