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Fabric & final lockdown challenge.

I’ve been having a big sort out of all my fabrics and now that they’re all grouped by project I’m just about ready to get sewing again. I’m also giving you your final lockdown challenge (I hope!) and catching up with how the other challenges went.

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Books again!

Hurrah! Now that things have calmed down a bit in the garden and the kitchen I’m finding a bit of time to read again. I’ve really missed reading so it was great to start back with a couple of really wonderful books. I’ll make a note below where you can find them if you’d like to read them too.

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Repurposing Old Linens ( and a peak at one of my sketchbooks).

A lovely box of vintage linens has arrived at the Cottage in the Sky direct from the Lime Green Sofa….thank you Kate! I delve into some of them here with you and talk about ideas for repurposing the damaged pieces. I then get distracted by one of my sketchbooks from a few years ago…….a happy waddle down memory lane. Many of the damaged pieces will be repurposed (lovingly, of course) as sketchbook/journal covers…….and I can’t wait!