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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden 211: Compost, mulch & last seed sowing of the summer.

I’m always on the hunt for material to mulch with…….I have used up all the grass clippings I made from the communal mowing so it’s time to look elsewhere…..I head to the compost bins. I also make the most of a tiny bit of free soil space to sow some more seeds…..

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden 206: After the rain…

Following a week of scorching temperatures we finally had 24 hours of rain and a break from the hot, stale air…..the kitchen garden has had a bit of a growth spurt which means the vining beds need some attention….and the first harvest.

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden 205: High summer in the kitchen garden.

It’s the middle of summer and temperatures are soaring… I take to the garden early in the day to give all my precious plants a drink and do a few odd jobs before it gets too hot. The quality of light is beautiful…..the heat slows me right down…….it’s the perfect time to simply look and enjoy…..