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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden 186: A typical full day in the garden – part two.

Continuing from my last video this is my afternoon session on the same day……..when I got stuck in to sorting out the coldframe and deck area…….and I got to plant a couple of special gifts.

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden 185: A typical full day in the garden – part one.

With outstanding jobs mounting up quicker than seeds are germinating I decided it was time to have a full day in the garden to get on top of things again. It was a typical day of a bit of everything…..seeding, planting, structure making, weeding, tidying, organising…..and so on… is the morning session…..the afternoon session will follow in part two.

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden: May Garden Tour (2019).

Hurrah for the mad month of May. This is one of the busiest months in the garden for me……..the month when the majority of my seeding happens, plants go into the ground, structures go up……this is the month when the garden really gets set up for the rest of the year. Here’s how it’s looking at the start of the madness.