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On the Sofa: Story Time.

Today’s chat has a few books in it….but it’s about much more than simply reviewing them. It’s about the thoughts and memories they provoke….my own stories, if you like. Boxing day walks (I hate them!), the joy of being outdoors….. Towards the end of the video is one of my memories from my bookshop days……truly the most wonderful and special chance encounter…..a brief moment in my life which I will keep forever.

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Beyond Frugal: Low spend year – a quick update.

A quick update about our Low Spend Year challenge. Thank you so much for your great response….and for coming on board. I, too, am challenging myself, despite nearly five years of ultra low spending! Today’s video is a quick update on what I’ve managed this month but also, and mainly, about the ‘topics’ up for discussion in the coming months. If there’s a topic you think I’ve missed that we could do with chatting about please let me know in the comments below. Good luck and good saving everyone!

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden: A little throwback.

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get back to the garden since the middle of last week when I sowed my peas….I’m still feeling really under the weather. So…..I thought I’d slip this little one in today for a bit of greenery and a bit of fun. It is taken from a video I made at the end of 2019….and still my favourite bit of editing ever….despite how tricky it was. Hahaha…I think there were over 20 frame tempo changes plus myriad little cuts to make it fit the music. The music is Ofenbach’s ‘Orphee aux Enfers’……those of you who know it will enjoy the denouement…..those of you who think you don’t know it almost certainly will by the end! Some of you will have seen it already….but I know there are quite a few who have joined the Chanel since then who won’t have…..I really hope you enjoy it while I concentrate on recuperating. Ps…..big screen and music up full!

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden: First Seed Sowing of 2022.

Hurrah! Today I am sowing my first seeds for a whole new growing year. Today it’s the peas and sweet peas…….and…..onions from seeds, rather than sets. I have never grown onions from seed before so I am a total beginner again! It’s fun to try something new…..and always great to learn. The beautiful garden birds serenaded my efforts…..what a glorious start to a new growing year.

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Beyond Frugal; No/low spend year – a challenge.

This video is picking up on something we lightly touched on last year and which I know quite a few of you were keen to try……..a year without spending! Of course, there are still things we need to spend money on so perhaps we should call it a low spend year……are you up for the challenge? Please note: the figures I use in this video are purely for demonstration…..I realise some of you will be working with much lower figures…and some, much higher.

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden: Seeds! Getting organised for 2022.

Yay! Another fabulous winter job for any gardener trying to distract themselves before they can get their fingers back into the dirt………seed sorting and organising! Now that I’ve drawn my plan for the year I’ve had a chance to sort through my seeds…..leftovers from last year, my own saved seeds and swaps/gifts from other growers…..and I can see where there may be some gaps and purchases needed. My next job will be to write out a simple sowing schedule.

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Beyond Frugal: 9 Habits of a Frugal Girl.

Today’s video is one I’ve been asked to make on numerous occasions…….I know many of you are super frugal too so please feel free to share your tips and experiences below….but for now, here are nine of my habits which keep me on the frugal path. But….ooops…..I forgot one of them so that will come in the next frugal video.

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden: Planning the 2022 Garden – for year round food production.

It’s that wonderful moment in the year when I start to plan a whole new vegetable garden that I hope will produce food for me all year round. Part of my plan will be based on lessons learned last year……and all the previous years….and partly it will depend on whether I want to try some new things this year. This first plan will likely change though….once I start going through all my saved seeds and seeds that have been given to me…..