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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden: A little throwback.

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get back to the garden since the middle of last week when I sowed my peas….I’m still feeling really under the weather. So…..I thought I’d slip this little one in today for a bit of greenery and a bit of fun. It is taken from a video I made at the end of 2019….and still my favourite bit of editing ever….despite how tricky it was. Hahaha…I think there were over 20 frame tempo changes plus myriad little cuts to make it fit the music. The music is Ofenbach’s ‘Orphee aux Enfers’……those of you who know it will enjoy the denouement…..those of you who think you don’t know it almost certainly will by the end! Some of you will have seen it already….but I know there are quite a few who have joined the Chanel since then who won’t have…..I really hope you enjoy it while I concentrate on recuperating. Ps…..big screen and music up full!