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On the Sofa: Bills, Thermals & Tea!

Today I am having a bit of a re-jig in the kitchen in an attempt to lower one of my bills to spare a bit of money for the heating bill. I’ve also broken my ‘no-spend year’ promise to myself…..because of the cold. Happily, I have a gorgeous gift to warm me up!

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden: An Urgent Job!

We’re about to have a sudden drop in temperature…. a drop of more than 10 degrees….so I am galvanised to get on with a job that has been outstanding for the last few very wet weeks….it has become an urgent job for food security! I need to hack into the straw bale and get spreading it. It starts out a cold day……but the sun shone beautifully and warmed me up enough to make the time in the garden a joy.

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On the Sofa; Embracing winter, Christmas lights, Parcels & stamps.

As the temperature drops, both outside and inside this year (!) I am trying to embrace the cosy, happy aspects of winter: the turning on of our community Christmas tree lights and street lights, the joy of mulled wine drunk whilst singing with friends, the glee of receiving parcels….and sending them……..and the importance of a good quilt! Join me on the sofa with your quilt for a cosy chat and a mug of something warm. Oh……and I forgot to mention……..the baubles on our community tree are second hand………they were originally part of a display on Regent Street……hahaha, we’ve gone posh this year!

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On the Sofa: Lavender, Shackleton & Sharing.

I’m processing this summer’s Lavender………it’s a lovely job….but it takes an age so as I do a bit today I’m having a chat. My thoughts are ranging from the fuel situation and hopes for another great British engineer; leadership and Shackleton; and our need, right now, to care for and support each other…….doing whatever we can to help those around us who are struggling. The Neil Oliver link:

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In the Kitchen: Beet Burgers (but first I need to go shopping).

I’ve been enjoying my beetroots again this season by using them to make ‘burgers’ and today I’ll show you how. But…..first…I need to go ‘shopping’…in the garden. I hope you’ll come and join me at my favourite ‘supermarket’ otherwise the recipe kicks in at 16 minutes. Enjoy the outtake that I left in towards the end!

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden: Beans & Chat.

It has been an incredibly wet month so days in the garden have been few and far between…….and this job is rather late: gathering the last of my bean harvest then chopping and dropping the remaining plant material. While I’m at it I reflect on this gardening year and invite you to reflect on yours….and for us all to ask ourselves is there something we could have done differently, something we could have done better? Join me for a chat while I chop.

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On the Sofa: A Day in the Life of a Frugal Girl – part two.

We’re due to have a rainy day so I’m getting on with things indoors…and carrying on from part one: a story, a pest problem, a curtain fix, how I upload shop stock and how I release videos…plus plenty of the usual chat….and then some quiet, gentle jobs for the end of the day. Come and hang out with me for the day.