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Repurposing Old Linens ( and a peak at one of my sketchbooks).

A lovely box of vintage linens has arrived at the Cottage in the Sky direct from the Lime Green Sofa….thank you Kate! I delve into some of them here with you and talk about ideas for repurposing the damaged pieces. I then get distracted by one of my sketchbooks from a few years ago…….a happy waddle down memory lane. Many of the damaged pieces will be repurposed (lovingly, of course) as sketchbook/journal covers…….and I can’t wait!

2 thoughts on “Repurposing Old Linens ( and a peak at one of my sketchbooks).

  1. hello – i just found you on youtube, and spent a pleasant hour watching. could you please tell me how i can contact you about something in your shop? i’m not on facebook – is there another way to reach you? thanks!

    1. Thank you Jane. I can also be contacted at my postal address: Vivi’s Kitchen Garden, PO Box 75303, London, SE26 5EX. 🙂

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