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Beyond frugal! My subsistence budget.

Something I have been asked to share/show/explain for ages! This is it….warts and all… I manage to live without a wage. All my outgoings and all my incomings and how I manage them on a month to month basis. I hope this answers many questions…and dispels many myths/assumptions…….but, please do ask if there’s something I haven’t covered. I want to be open about all of this so other folk can think about whether they can do it!

6 thoughts on “Beyond frugal! My subsistence budget.

  1. Thank you for the video, 56 years old and I am in the process of moving toward your way of living.
    House paid for, gardens started. Long way to go, but your insight helps enormously.

    1. Yay!!! That’s the best start….good on you! 😀

  2. Hi I am very much interested in your shop. I do have a garden and where I am we
    cannot plant until mid May. I do not have PayPal and I would like to buy some things
    from your shop. I live in USA. Could I send money to purchase what I buy?

    1. Thank you for your interest. If you can message me in the private message section on my FB we can take it from there. Thank you. 😀

  3. Hi Vivi, vlog done for all the right reasons and so informative. Other you tube websites have lacked this ‘bottom line ‘ information. It is an integral part to your living day to day and so very generous of you to share it so openly. It is very responsible and appreciated with your candidness as you werent obliged to share.

    Some may say well its still working for a living your just self employed. Maybe in away it is, but your face when you say you are happy is a truth that not many can say without a nervous twitch or second thought. Well done Vivi you have been and are an inspiration and friend to many, I applaud you! Thank you and yes blimey council tax is good where you are lol!

    Take care& stay safe expat in Australia
    Kaz x

    1. Thank you so much Kaz, I really appreciate your kind words. 🙂

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