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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden 149: Creating a vegetable garden on a tiny budget (£2 per week).

Today I’m chatting about ideas for creating a vegetable garden for very little money for those of us, like me, on a very limited budget. I reckon I do my garden each year for the equivalent of £2 per week.

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden 145: Clearing the last bed, more sweet peas & shed problems next door.

Even on a chilly day it feels so good to get out there and get a few more jobs done. Clearing the last bed from last year was my priority but being there was also the perfect opportunity to see if I could help one of my lovely neighbours with her shed problem….we couldn’t do much about it there and then but we have a plan…..and I may just be making a call to our lovely friend Graham for a helping hand….

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden: January Garden Tour (2019).

I’m trying to contain my excitement at the beginning of a new growing year…..the garden is so peaceful just now, almost asleep, a quiet has descended and the weak winter sunshine barely makes it over the tree line……it’s a beautiful time of year when we can dream of all the possibilities our soil might give us.