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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden 133: Broad beans, leeks, garlic & exciting new seeds.

After a lengthy absence it’s time to get back into the garden. Some things are growing well (garlic)….others are a total fail (leeks)…..but some exciting new seeds to try next year make up for the disappointment.

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden 129: Planting garlic and sowing broad beans.

The last seeds of 2018 are finally in the ground. On a soggy autumn day I sowed broad beans and planted garlic……….and delighted at squelching in the mud. Despite the drizzle it was a wonderful day enjoying the bird song, the insect activity, the company of cats….and the satisfaction of getting another couple of crops underway. And then a long hot soak in the tub.

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If you haven’t already done so there’s just enough time to get some garlic sown.

I have used cloves from my own crop harvested back in July; they’re a hard neck variety which means I’ll get a flower stalk in the spring (or ‘scrape’) which tastes great in a salad – bonus! Plot oct 15 018

I plant them about 6 inches apart with about 10 inches between the rows and about an inch below the surface of the soil. Choose a sunny site with good drainage and keep it weed free. Once planted I cover the bed with some netting to deter the birds from tugging on the newly emerging shoots (do they think it’s a bed of worms?).

I rotate my crops on a four year plan with the aim of preventing any build up of disease.

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Kitchen Garden jobs this week – early October

The days are getting a little shorter….but the to-do list is getting longer:Cold-food-004-1024x768

Remove/compost plants which have stopped producing.
Dig over the empty spaces, weeding as I go (esp. perennial weeds!)
Prepare empty beds for sowing of green manures.
Sow green manures.
Sow garlic.
Sow overwintering broad beans.
Continue to harvest (leave enough time to cook/bottle/store).
Prepare spaces for storing/get bottling equipment ready.
Check winter crops for disease/pest damage etc and remove/burn diseased plants if any.
Dead head flowers to prolong/start gathering seed from those gone over.
Clean bean poles/other supports ready for storing.

If time: dig out new bed (!!!)

Browse seed catalogue.
Plan new shed.