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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden: May Garden Tour (2018)

It’s the beginning of May……and it finally feels like Spring may have sprung and the garden is waiting to burst back into life….the days are getting warmer and longer so it’s time to get some seeds in the soil. Hurrah!SAM_2146

2 thoughts on “Vivi’s Kitchen Garden: May Garden Tour (2018)

  1. I enjoy your vlog so much! I really admire how happy and joyful you always are. And you are knowledgeable about gardening and give good tips. What I especially like is how you just get on with what you have to work with – poor soil, cold and wet etc. You do so much really hard labor! I live in Oregon USA and wouldn’t think of working in poor soil without adding lots of store-bought amendments, but somehow I think your way is better as there is so much more to be proud of in growing things because you are more involved with the process. I know there is an element of necessity with growing your own food, that I don’t have even though I’m retired also. Anyway thank you so much for sharing your gardening vlog – it’s uplifting and makes me more enthusiastic about my own veg gardening. I do have question though if I may – I’m trying to eat more veg also and like your recipes but do you also eat grains and bread? Do you bake your own bread? Again thank you for your enjoyable uplifting vlog.

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely words. 🙂 I do eat grains…..rice and oats mainly and sometimes couscous but rarely bread, Happy veg gardening and eating to you. 😀

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