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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden 168: Sowing brassicas & flowers.

Before some of the summer crops have even been sown I’m turning my attention to my next winter garden and getting brassicas sown……and then a few flowers for a pop of colour this summer. I’m giving a bit of attention to my perennial kale (Taunton Deane) but not sure if I’m doing the right thing as I have never grown one before……

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden 135: Brussels Sprouts and chatting while digging.

It may be chilly and damp out there but it’s perfect for a bit of digging and bed rearranging……my new motto has become ‘Just get out there!’……the rewards, for a few hours of work, are huge. I leave the garden on a high and know that I’m doing the best for my little space to give back to me next year…, go on, just get out there.

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden 132: Perennial Kale (Taunton Deane) & other brassicas.

I was very kindly gifted a perennial kale recently – ‘Taunton Deane’. It should keep me in lovely kale leaves for years to come. Finally I made time to plant it in my garden and whilst there tend to my other brassicas. The sight of all their beautiful green growth at this time of year is marvelous and I can’t wait to start chomping on all those lovely leaves.