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TIY: Beeswax food wraps & origami bin liner.

I am passionate about reducing the use of plastic in my life (and all of ours!) – I make no excuses! Here’s how I do a bit of it……..replacing ‘cling film’ with beeswax wraps and replacing plastic bin liners with paper………it’s so easy it’s a no-brainer. Have a go……I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

2 thoughts on “TIY: Beeswax food wraps & origami bin liner.

  1. Brilliant, informative, entertaining, and essential viewing for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint; which, of course, should be everyone!! May we share with full links on our Planet Vegetaria Facebook group?

    1. Of course, please do…….the more folk who make changes the better! 😀

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