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In the Kitchen: Happy accident soup (squash & beans).

After a couple of days in bed with a migraine I was starving hungry…….but the fridge only had some random left-overs in it…….so this is what I made…..and what a treat it turned out to be.

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In the Kitchen: Kale, rice & nuts pie (or Wellington).

A gorgeous, hearty pie for a chilly winter’s day. You will need (all measures approximate – jiggle them to your liking): rice – 2 cups, mushrooms – 2 cups, nuts – 2 cups, stock – 1 litre, onions x 2, peppers x 2, garlic cloves x 2, kale – a big handful (about 200 grams)…….seasonings of choice – I used juice of half a lemon, dill, nutmeg and thyme. Enough pastry for your pie dish. Makes enough for two pies… for now and one for the freezer.

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In the Kitchen: Fennel root soup experiment – free food!

I was recently informed that fennel roots are edible so I obviously had to try them out. I’ve never experimented with a recipe on camera before (normally I try experimenting a few times without the camera rolling to get it just right)…… this is a first……’s worth watching to the end. Was it gorgeous or did I spit it out? I was shocked.


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In the Kitchen: Butternut squash & sage risotto.

When you wake up on a chilly morning feeling a bit below par it’s time to make comfort food. Today it’s squash risotto…….ooooh, it is creamy loveliness in a bowl and makes me feel better in an instant. You will need: 1 squash (about 500g or more), 1 large white onion, a few cloves of garlic (to taste), a few sage leaves, 1 cup of risotto rice and one liter of vegetable stock. Have fun and enjoy the scoff.