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  1. Just accidentally discovered you when researching “Lentils” in the garden… PleasantlySidetracked for a couple of hours jumping around your videos. You have been a friend and comfort for me today. I feel I’ve found a common heart in you, and I am so grateful that you simply are. Hugs.

    1. Oh thank you so much Teri, I appreciate your kind words……..and I’m glad I was a good distraction for you today. 🙂

  2. Vivi, can I get on a waiting list for your lavender squares/pillows?
    Ruth Adams

    1. Thank you lovely, I don’t have a waiting list as such but am hoping to make plenty this year as the harvest has been so very good. I’ll let folk know in advance when they go on sale so you should have a good chance of getting one. Thank you so much for your interest. 😀

  3. Vivi, I have shopped your store before. I am a retired Nurse Practitioner in the US. I get a lot of inspiration from your frugality and gardening.
    I hope you do not take what I did upsetting, it was not meant to be.
    Since I could not purchase seeds I wanted to send you something, especially after you mentioned wearing the same trainers for so long. This is not good for your feet, knees, for health etc. I had to “care” for you since that is what I am, having been a nurse for so long and you are as well. This was not done as charity since you provide me with so much through your YouTube vlogs.

    1. Thank you so much lovely…that is so kind and caring of you!!! XXX

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