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Seeds: what I’m growing and why


4 thoughts on “Seeds: what I’m growing and why

  1. Wonderful video as always! Rouge vif d’etampes is a beautiful beast. I think you will just love it.
    I’m sure that you know this but if you want to save the seeds from your many varieties of squash/pumpkin pals, you must avoid cross pollination between “varieties within similar species” to ensure true characteristics in the fruits for the years to come. You can plant varieties of different species together i.e. a variety of Cucurbita Moschata like your Long Island Cheese will not cross with a Cucurbita Maxima like your Rouge vif d’etampes so your saved seeds will be true to type. I’m not an expert in this area, but according to my limited research; in essence, you should isolate varieties within a species by a distance of 5m to be certain that your saved seeds will be good. I also have limited space to grow in so when planning my garden I mix & match SPECIES (in all caps) according to the basic table below. Of course there’s lots more information online.

    Summer squashes (courgettes etc.)
    Patty-pan squash
    Spaghetti squash
    Winter Luxury
    Jack O’Lantern
    Sugar Pie/Sweetie Pie
    Blue Banana
    Hubbard squashes
    Triamble (aka Shamrock) squash
    Turban squashes
    Rouge vif d’etampes
    Galeaux d’eysines
    All the ‘Cheese’ pumpkins
    Musque de Provence
    Butternut squashes
    Acorn squashes
    Black Futsu
    Happy seed saving/exchanging!!!

    1. Thank you – yes, I realise about cross polination……what I’d like to do is find 2 stars of the squash world (through trial and error!!!)……and settle on those to grow for a few years and thereby be able to save my own seed…….problem is…..I just love experimenting too much!!!! 😀

    2. You are so inspiring! After watching your jan. video I realised that the future is now. So I signed op for a allotment. Guess what: I’ve started on a little plot aprox 50 m2, but I’m so happy with it. It’s not a mess but well looked after. I’m very lucky with that. Please carry on with your blogs and vlogs. Best wishes from the Netherlands.

      1. Oh I’m so glad you managed to get a plot!!!! Happy veg gardening! 🙂

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