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Sowing beans and crop rotation


2 thoughts on “Sowing beans and crop rotation

  1. Thank you Vivi for that video, I’m literally just getting ready to sow my beans today too! What I like about your videos is that we actually see you planting things outside and your plot is productive, well looked after and organised. You are an inspiration to me, I’m on an allotment where not am I only one of the very few women, I’m definitely the youngest (nice to be the youngest at something at 46 haha) but I’m treated like I couldn’t possibly know what I’m doing. To see another determined, knowledgeable woman with a beautifully organised plot will give other women inspiration that they can do it too. Thank you

    1. Thank you so much for such lovely words!!!! It’s interesting that on my site, over the last couple of years, we’re getting more women join…….and we’re mostly in the 35 – 55 bracket……and we’re all having a good go at it! Have a great growing year. 😀

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