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Storing My Produce: Broad beans (Fava beans) – freezing

broad beans2

2 thoughts on “Storing My Produce: Broad beans (Fava beans) – freezing

  1. Dearest Vivi,

    You gave such good advice about direct sowing of calendula, I have the in all sorts of places.

    Do you have a “spider”? It’s a bamboo webby ladle/spatula. You could scoop out the beans, it drains at the same time, directly into the icy water avoiding the carrying of the boiling water from dishpan to pot. (I worry you may get a steam burn.)

    Also, you say you don’t care for vinegar pickles, me neither, but I have become obsessed with fermenting my veg. Right now I have some asparagus that is ready to pop in fridge. If that sound interesting I could share the very little I know & direct you to some very good sources.

    With kindness,


    1. Hurray for your calendula! I don’t have one of those spoons…..bu i have a mesh/wire sort of drop into the pan basket I was thinking of using……next time. Happy harvesting and storing to you. 🙂

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