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In the Kitchen: Achocha and Chickpea Curry.

Hmmmm, what to do with the Achocha harvest……I take the plunge and have a go at cooking with a vegetable completely new to me. I literally had no idea when to harvest it, what to look for or how to cook it… I flew by the seat of my pants. How did it turn out? Tune in to see.

2 thoughts on “In the Kitchen: Achocha and Chickpea Curry.

  1. Hello Vivi,

    What a lovely picture of you and your sister playing ‘farmers’!
    So nice to look back on those amazing childhood days.

    I am not on facebook but always checking your posts.
    I am wondering if you get any vandalism on your plots. We have been ‘done’ again. A good few plotholder friends have had sheds trashed and even burned.
    Is there any security where your garden is?
    This time it wasn’t my shed but it has happened twice in three years. So dishartening, it’s our sanctuary.

    Despite that i love my plot and am not giving up!

    Thank you for your inspiring and fun blog. Love it!

    Hope you get over that cold soon! Look after yourself,


    1. Oh I’m so sorry you site has been attacked again……..but so glad to hear you aren’t going to be thwarted! I’m lucky in that the site I am on is pretty secluded and surrounded by houses (many of the plot holders live in the houses so look out over the plots) so it is fairly secure. Happy ‘farming’ to us all. 😀

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