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Sunday on the Sofa…..with a bookworm and a Q&A.

It’s Sunday so it’s time to chill on the sofa for a while…..grab your knitting or sewing and hang out with me while I make a start on some of the questions you sent in. Oh, but first, I’m a bit distracted by my books…..again….

4 thoughts on “Sunday on the Sofa…..with a bookworm and a Q&A.

  1. Hi Vivi, obtained some tea tree oil for cleaning my bamboo canes, having encountered blight for past few years. What’s ratio of oil to water do you use?, couldn’t easily identify the answer looking at your back catalog of vids!. Thank you!, Lesley.

    1. Hi Lesley……I add a few drops to a bowl of water…….so, about 10 drops to a litre of water. Happy cleaning! 🙂

  2. Hiya guys
    We missed this one great tip for the canes is the mixture any good for anything else in the garden
    Steve and cadge 😊 👍

    1. I clean pretty much everything with this mix. 😀

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