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How it all began: Channel name & my journey into a wage-free life.

We’re stepping back in time today…….to where it all began. I talk about why I made the move to a wage-free life and how that was possible. I’d like to say a big, warm welcome to new subscribers and a huge thank you to those of you who have been here since the start.

2 thoughts on “How it all began: Channel name & my journey into a wage-free life.

  1. Hello Vivi! I’m one of the people Kate sent to you . I have watched a few YT videos & just love what you are doing. My big ginger kitty woke me up at 4 am, so I found your blog here & story of he you ended up living as you do. Our stories are a bit a like. I was always a nurse, began training at 18. I married, had 2 babies, one who is on autistic spectrum. But I was always a nurse. I mostly worked in big county hospitals caring for trauma & burn patients. Over the years I also tried home health, was a infection control nurse in a big prison, and a few other positions in hospital settings. But one easy ten years ago, I got off work & was unable to get to my car. I ended up never going back to work. My body & mind were so stressed & in pain that just going to see a doctor was almost impossible. Anyway, I ended up being diagnosed with 3 toes of arthritis & autoimmune issues. I’ve had thee big surgeries & need two more o get my joints stable. I think the years of taking care of others just took a toll on my entire body. I have finally gotten pain under control which has drastically improved my life.
    I am a quilter, sewer, knitter and when my body allows a gardener. Life is slowly sorting itself out. I live in a 100 year old cottage, with an extra lot. So there is room for a big garden, a few hens & maybe a few mature goats in the future. I really love this little place. I bought it about 5 years ago, and still have much to do, but slowly I’m getting it done. My special needs son lives two doors down & is a big help in dog heavy jobs for me.
    I am also a frugal, thrifty homemaker! I make soup every week & sometimes bake bread. I am still dealing with possessions from a different more extravagant life I lived when married. Also family have passed leaving me to deal with their “gifts”. My garage is full & needs to be sorted. All in good time!
    I look forward to following your adventures ! –Holly

    1. Oh Holly, thank you so much for sharing your journey so far! I think we have many similarities. 😀 Your new cottage and new life sound wonderful……hard work but wonderful! Ahhhh, yes, the life time of possessions and hand-me-downs!!! Have fun and take your time sorting……lots of trips down memory lane ahead for you. 😀

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