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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden: Tree Lily & Community.

Finally we have a break in the rain……the ground is squelchy with mud but it doesn’t spoil the fun of getting back out there. I get on with lifting/dividing my tree lily and am kept company by some of my lovely plot friends who are also busy getting stuck in to some of their winter tasks. Please note: this was filmed a few days before the freeze set in!

4 thoughts on “Vivi’s Kitchen Garden: Tree Lily & Community.

  1. I have a few lilies I need to move and was worried it was too late! We have a big freeze coming in the next day or two, so will probably have to put it off yet again…

    1. Eek, I had no idea we were getting this freeze….maybe it would have been better if I’d waited……but on the other hand I wanted to move it before new shoots started emerging. I hope your freeze won’t be a huge inconvenience. 😉

  2. Oh, I enjoyed this video. It was nice to meet your neighbors too. We’re getting quite a bit of snow here. We already have two and a half feet. More is coming. And I saw online today you guys in England are going to have a freeze. I hope that’s not too hard of a freeze that’s going to affect your veggies much Vivi. If you have anything really tender. Definitely put it in the shed. Of course your smart, I’m sure you already did that. Bundle up and keep warm my friend. Paul in Buffalo

    1. Thank you lovely. The freeze this week came as a bit of a surprise to me (I took my eye off the weather forecast, stupidly!) so I haven’t been able to do anything about protecting the broad beans……eek. I need to go and harvest so maybe I’ll give them an extra ‘blanket’ then….

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