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Beyond Frugal: Shopping haul – £8.60 ($11.89)

One of my most frequently asked for videos over the years…here it is…my weekly shopping haul spending up to £10 ($13.83) for everything including food, cleaning stuff, clothes, travel and entertainment……. I am a little nervous to share this as I don’t think it will be what’s expected…….but this is it, this is how I live my happy, no compromise, shopping life. Please remember, this is how I live, these are my ethics….I am not saying everyone should do the same and I realise, for anyone without a vegetable garden, that this will probably be impossible. I am forever grateful to have space to grow my own food and appreciate that folk who don’t have a garden will have to fork out much more money than me simply to feed themselves.

2 thoughts on “Beyond Frugal: Shopping haul – £8.60 ($11.89)

  1. What can I say? This was another fantastic video. And one that’s going to bring you a lot of new subscribers. This is what’s trending now Vivi. And people love to get an inside look on YouTubers lives and how they live it. So you just watch as things start to add up. I’ll make one mentioned to you if you didn’t already know this. And I’m sure you do, since you’re a content creator. But if you put into the title or a hashtag the following {self-sufficiency, sustainability, pantry preparedness, food storage, food security, frugal living, etc}. And any other taglines that you can think of. That’s going to really generate some more subscribers and views to your video. I know you’ve been busy with everything going on in your life. But maybe you might want to consider some time doing a video where you’ve added some music. Say like when you’re done doing work in your garden. And you give an overview of the garden and what it looks like. I think people would enjoy that as well. Sadly, in this game, we need to keep current and what’s fashionable and tending. I look forward to all your videos but make sure you take care of yourself. Your friend from the USA.

    1. Thank you lovely, excellent, sound advice…’s always a question of time with me…..but I am gradually trying to introduce these things. 😀

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