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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden: Mid-June garden update.

You will be seeing this on the longest day, the summer solstice… seems apt somehow. I actually filmed it on the 15th, exactly two weeks after I filmed the June tour. I wouldn’t normally film another tour in the middle of the month…but this hasn’t been a normal year…..I have been ‘behind’ since March….but finally I am beginning to catch up and as so much has happened in the last two weeks I thought I’d bring you up to date with the garden………looking like it ought to have done at the beginning of June!

2 thoughts on “Vivi’s Kitchen Garden: Mid-June garden update.

  1. Hi Vivi
    Today ….. We got an allotment πŸ˜€
    Oh my it’s so over grown , with shopping trolleys, an old trampoline, etc in it
    BUT just so exited to get one and so quickly I only put my name down 3 weeks ago
    I’m not sure if we can get anything growing this year as the ground needs a lot of work
    Ooh and it’s got a shed with no door πŸ˜‚πŸ₯¦πŸ§…πŸ₯•
    Natasha X

    1. YAY!!!!!!! Ooooh, I’m so chuffed and excited for you! Happy planning, creating and growing! 😁

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